Friday, July 1, 2011

Fleet Profile - German DB Class 111 Bo Bo Locomotive (Minitrix)

Currently this little gem produced by Minitrix is the pride of my fleet in all operating measures, including:

  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Stability
  • Low speed running
  • Noise level

In short this has been one of the best (out of the box) locomotives I have ever bought.

The locomotives in real life have been a signature feature of the German railways dating back to the fifties when the Class 110 was designed.  The class 111 was designed in the 1970's.  High speed electric locotomotives being in high demand in Germany (and indeed greater Europe) they were the locomotive of their day.  227 locomotives were built between 1974 and 1984.  At the time of writing it is believe most of these locotmotives remain in active service.

For more information on these wonderful locomotives please refer to Wikipedia.

Class 111 - Built 1974 - 1984 reamaining in service

Class 110 (aka E 10) - Built 1956 - 1969 retirement commencing 2000


Jerry said...

I really like the cream and blue livery compared to the current red. Too much red these days!:-) Which manufacturer is yours from?

Mike said...

Hey Jerry,

How silly of me not to mention. This little unit is from Minitrix (I have now updated the post to reflect that).

I agree with your comments on the colour scheme, it is fantastic. When I bought this I actually had the option of choosing between this or one in red and cream (and while the red and cream still look fantastic there was just something more fresh about the blue/turquoise ... even though that mean't my model choice actually come with an older generation locomotive).